Pro Skills Basketball Scholarship

Pro Skills Basketball is a youth basketball organization committed to developing skills and abilities of the youth through sports. At Pro Skills Basketball, we value education as much as we value the cultivation of sports for our young athletes.

We are looking for the ideal candidate to be awarded a scholarship. Inspire us with the life lessons you have learned and experienced from playing sports and get the chance to take home our scholarship worth $1,500.

Education is a priceless instrument that can help mold a better future for the young minds. Just like sports, education is a powerful tool that can help in improving the skills and fundamentals of the youth physically, mentally and emotionally.

This scholarship program aims to help young sports enthusiasts to reach their goals.

You may use your scholarship reward to fund your tuition fee, boarding cost, books and course materials and living expenses such as transportation and healthcare. Pro Skills Basketball aims to help you achieve a promising future in your field of expertise.

If you are aiming for a bright future, then let us help you pursue your dream. We are awarding a scholarship worth $1,500 to the most dedicated young athlete who values education.

Our scholarship program is open to students with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5. You should be considered to be in “good standing” in the current school you are enrolled in.

Apply Now by filling out the form, and answer the question, “what life lessons have you learned from playing sports?” Write an essay of at least 500 words and submit your entry.

Your entry will be evaluated according to how the life lessons you have learned from playing sports has influenced you to aspire and dream big. Your essay must be insightful and truly inspiring exhibiting creativity and originality in presenting the topic.

Make sure that all fields are properly filled out, and upload your essay. Multiple submission will not be considered.