Guardian Scholars Foundation

The Guardian Scholars Foundation seeks high school graduates who have shown a desire to continue onto an undergraduate program; young adults who have proven academic merit and drive; those who have exercised a motivation to succeed inside and outside of the classroom shown through leadership and good decision-making. After meeting the minimum requirements set by the individual colleges, a potential Guardian Scholar must:

  • have graduated in good standing with a minimum of a 2.3 GPA from high school or have shown considerable improvement while attending secondary education and spent time in Iowa foster care between the ages of 14-18. Scholarships are for students from Iowa going to school in the state of Iowa.
  • gain admission to the chosen college(s) and receive their financial aid package.
  • submit a Guardian Scholars application and Release and Consent Form as soon as possible after gaining admission to college.

Applications are due March 1st for the upcoming Fall semester. Submitting your application package as soon as possible after applying to your chosen colleges is encouraged.

Although students seeking to attend four-year colleges are preferred, students attending community college with a strong intention to transfer after two years and earn their bachelor’s degree are accepted and considered. Applications from students in the year before they plan to transfer from their community college to a four-year degree program are encouraged. This scholarship is for full-time students.

The number of scholarships awarded each year is dependent on the amount of funds available. The awarding of the Guardian Scholars Foundation scholarships are subject to the decisions of the Foundation’s board and administration.

PLEASE NOTE: The Guardian Scholars Foundation is solely a scholarship program. It does not and cannot influence a college’s decision on your acceptance. The information you allow us to access by signing your release from in your application package allows us to work with the colleges to achieve the best financial aid package possible after they have approved your acceptance to the school.