Masonry Institute of Iowa - Charles Nicholay Foundation

The Masonry Institute of Iowa and its foundation values education. We know there’s no greater gift you can give a child. And it’s a gift that can truly last a lifetime. We also value masonry when it comes to their schools, gymnasiums, and administrative buildings. Masonry structures easily last more than a lifetime, not to mention their minimal maintenance, utility efficiency, and ageless good looks. But the Masonry Institute of Iowa is interested in more than just building schools. We want to fill them with students who understand the value of designing and constructing with the best products and best installation practices. And for some Iowa students, we have the ability to make that happen!

The Charles Nicolay Educational Foundation was set up to support Iowa students continuing their education in the Construction / Architecture / Engineering field.

If you’re a high school senior or college or university student and you are interested in a career in:
• Masonry
• Construction
• Engineering
• Architecture
you may qualify for a Charles Nicolay Educational Foundation Scholarship. Simply complete the application form and return it, with the needed documents, by the deadline date. Our scholarship committee will review the material and get back to you with their decision.

Masonry Institute of Iowa
6919 Vista Drive
West Des Moines, IA 50266