Robert & Blenda Ontiveros Family Foundation

Robert & Blenda Ontiveros Family Foundation

The Robert & Blenda Ontiveros Family Foundation established a scholarship in August 2014 in loving memory of Uncle Alex, who was a role model and business partner. In 1979, Alex joined Robert in forming the R&O Specialties, Inc., one of the first Outsourcing Companies in the Quad Cities, and is now the Supply Chain Division of Group O. Through all the hardships of starting a new company and having limited resources, Alex demonstrated resourcefulness in building a 300,000 sq. ft. space into a thriving manufacturing facility serving the paint and packaging needs for several large Fortune 500 companies.

Alex had no formal education but he did join the Marine Corp. as soon as he left high school, and through his hard work and love of family, Alex lived the kind of life we all only dream of, exemplifying the Hispanic Culture of hard work and never complaining. He always had a positive attitude, even when his beloved Hawkeyes were not winning, he always stayed positive. We all have been made better from having Alex around, and mostly for being Uncle Alex.

In 2017, Bob & Blenda created the Bob & Blenda Ontiveros Opportunity Scholarship to support students attending the newly opened Urban Campus as well as to support students in career technical programs with the tools they need to be successful in the classroom and in the workforce.

“Everyone wins when people get an opportunity to show what they can do.” -Bob Ontiveros

Bob Ontiveros’ grandfather immigrated to Davenport from Mex¬ico, and he and his siblings were raised with a strong work ethic. “As a child, if you wanted new shoes, you had to find the money. You had to work hard for it. You should have seen me as a kid walking down the block, asking people if I could cut their grass or clean their garage. I saw hard work in my parents. I saw it in my grandparents.” However, work is not the only thing he learned from his family in his youth. Despite having little, his mother not only raised the twelve family members in her home, but she fed most of the neighborhood. “If a child needed a meal, you were welcome in our home.” Working hard and providing an opportunity to others is synonymous with the Ontiveros family legacy.